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Pokemon Zeta/Omicron 1.4.10

Pokemon Zeta/Omicron 1.4.10


  • Trade servers are now functioning again. If you didn’t read the post regarding this patch, please read it here

  • Added Volume slider for sound effects

  • New Pokemon icons, including shiny, mega and delta icons! Thanks to /u/LunarDusk/u/Othienka,/u/1ofthe4rocketbros/u/mikraus1999/u/round_shot/u/eduardog3000/u/Pikachumazzinga,/u/Sicns8

  • Fixed Revives working in-battle in a Nuzlocke

  • Fixed “Default Music” not working properly bug

  • Fixed some people crashing when they try to “Store Pokemon”

  • Removed Polaris glitchball

  • Fixed Nuzlocke mode ending when you go to the Aroma Region

  • If a move description exceeds the box, you can now press “Q” to see the second page.

  • Fixed Roar not causing Wild Pokemon to flee.

  • Fixed Zeus being referred to as Odin in some areas

  • Fixed Route 327 not having any wild encounters

  • Fixed Heal Bell not being learned by pokemon that should be able to learn it

  • Added Fennekin and Hoopa lines to Wormhole learnlist

  • Added Kalos starters to that one route with all the starters near Tisza Town

  • Fixed Lapras’ egg moves

  • Fixed Outrage, Thrash not stopping when protected against

  • Fixed Wildfire

  • Changed Chatter to run on Gen 6 mechanics

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